T E Morris ~ I Am Gone I Am Gone I Am Gone 

I grew to be a part of a problem

That I caused and could cure all the same

We made mountains out of molehills

And you cursed them all with my name

You lied to yourself daily

I watched you become skinny and pale

Home was a place you could be inward

And I could crawl out of my shell

I broke into pieces like a mirror 

Shards went under your skin

You kept them there as a warning 

And skin grows over them still

If ever you think that you want me

If you think with me is better than alone

Remember what we had was for a moment

Now I’m gone I am gone I am gone

Free Downloads

FREE DOWNLOADS! This saturday is our final show of the year at White Noise festival in Leicester. We’ll be playing tons of new songs from our forthcoming album Navigator. To celebrate, from now until sunday, you can get pretty much every HNIC, T E Morris and Weikie record as a download for free/PWYW from our shop. CD’s and Ragman Roll 7” are on sale too. And for anyone who comes up to us after this saturdays show showing us their advance ticket booking reference, we’ll give them download codes for Kinship.

Tour dates

So, it’s not so secret that we have a new album next year. Look at the tour dates we have coming up:

12th December 2013 - Sebright Arms, London (album preview show)   tickets

21st December 2013 - Bishop Street Church, Leicester   tickets

12th February 2014 - Jazz Cafe, London  w/iliketrains

13th February 2014 - Batofar, Paris  w/iliketrains

14th February 2014 - Bibelot Powerstage, Dordrecht  w/iliketrains

15th February 2014 - Vera, Groningen  w/iliketrains

16th February 2014 - Botanique, Brussels  w/iliketrains

28th February 2014 - St Phillips Church, Salford  w/iliketrains