Her Name is Calla

Did you know that there are 30 releases on our store? This probably isn’t a real achievement or whatever. But fuck me, that’s a lot of music. Felt like it was something that should be acknowledged. SO LET’S HAVE A SALE

Albums, live records, EP’s, 50 track boxsets, folk records, electronica, ambient, post rock….it’s all in there. And a lot of it FREE

Love Is A Bird To Carry Us

Tom has been posting up a new downloadable song each monday via a picture on his Instagram. Next monday is the last song in a series of six. The songs so far can now all be downloaded from his Soundcloud, but for those of you who are interested in the physical, there is an option to buy a CD with an additional track, with all the pictures and even a limited edition handwritten lyric booklet. All info and songs so far here:

We are ten years old

Although the exact date is a little fuzzy, Her Name is Calla is ten years old this year. We started in a tiny bedroom in Leicester playing long 1 song jams that lasted half hour + before expanding our line up and playing proper songs to people. 
Folks came to gigs, asked for CD’s and from there we grew. We’ve been lucky enough to meet some incredible people and travel a lot of the world playing our music. It always surprises us how far our music reaches and how many people it touches. We will always be completely surprised by this.

Take nothing for granted and try your hardest. Do it for yourself and don’t expect rewards.

Thank you for all your support. We appreciate you all and hope to still make some more music for you. We’re not quite dead just yet….

Her Name is Calla

Sophie Green
Tom Morris
Nicole Robson
Adam Weikert 
Tiernan Welch


Sophie Barnes
Andrew Coles
Thom Corah
Scott Everett
John Helps
Michael Love