This is a song called Aposiopesis. It was recorded exclusively for the iTunes version of our new album Navigator. Follow the link to download a copy now.
It pulls together some of the lyrics from other songs on the album while creating a new story.


I sent you a message in the belly of a bird
Would you see it coming through the night?
And tender is the night
Tender is the night

I found a home in the strangest dream
And heard your voice chasing me
"Don’t! Don’t leave! Don’t leave!"
"Don’t! Don’t leave! Don’t leave!"

But your voice washed away in a river of dope

I’m a wreck! I’m a wreck! You already know I am
I’m a wreck, you already I am

I’m a wreck! I’m a wreck! You already know I am
There’s a death in love with us. 
And it’s holding us by our hands.

Condor And River

Please enjoy these little live recordings of our album launch show at St Pancras Old Church. Don’t know when we’re playing next but we’ll have some more beer and hugs then x