New Album

We’re extremely pleased to announce the release date of our 3rd album, Navigator. 5th May is the date for your diaries! The album will be released on CD/LP/DL by Function Records

Artwork is by the enormously talented Dominik Schmitt - Künstler 

We will be playing a VERY SPECIAL album launch show at St Pancras Old Church. Tickets can be bought here: 

We’ll be extending our live band considerably and will be joined on stage by members of Principal Six


T E Morris ~ I Am Gone I Am Gone I Am Gone 

I grew to be a part of a problem

That I caused and could cure all the same

We made mountains out of molehills

And you cursed them all with my name

You lied to yourself daily

I watched you become skinny and pale

Home was a place you could be inward

And I could crawl out of my shell

I broke into pieces like a mirror 

Shards went under your skin

You kept them there as a warning 

And skin grows over them still

If ever you think that you want me

If you think with me is better than alone

Remember what we had was for a moment

Now I’m gone I am gone I am gone