Tom releases chapter 1 of his first novel tomorrow. Although it’s a bit more than just a novel….read here:

A new serial by T E Morris. Novel / Dual Soundtrack / Animated shorts

An Unknown Island is set generations into a new ice age and follows two characters as they traverse the length and breadth of an inhospitable landscape. 

A young, pregnant Gwen and a quiet, partially maimed Owen, both bear physical and mental scars. Ejected from their community, they are led on by bizarre dreams and visions that will take them farther than anyone has travelled in decades, towards a predestined fate. 

An Unknown Island is a serial novel by songwriter T E Morris, also of Her Name Is Calla. It will be released one chapter/ set of tracks at a time over the next 14-18 months. Alongside the book are two soundtracks, one for each of the main characters. Occasionally, the tracks can be overlaid to create a new third track. The soundtracks will expand upon themes and moments within each chapter. 

In addition, An Unknown Island will feature animated shorts by Ana Stefaniak filling in the gaps between chapters as well as original artwork. 

NB- Book comes as a PDF with a Zip file containing two high quality mp3’s and two AIFFS

Chapter one and the initial tracks can be ordered here

T E Morris — An Unknown Island #1

Hello all, chapter one of my debut serial novel ‘An Unknown Island’ is out next friday! (10th Oct) It’s fresh back from editing today. It will include the debut cover by Ana Stefaniak, and the first tracks from each of the two character soundtracks. 

I’m absolutely terrified. 
tom x

More info in the link x